It’s Buy Nothing Day. So I hope all y’all are out there … buying nothing.

Looks like I’m going to get away with buying nothing except a couple of second-run movie tickets ($3/each) and some take-out. Sorry, Earth! But my wife and I finally have a date with no kids. A guy’s gotta have his priorities.

If you’re looking for a way to spend all your money, read this devastating Matt Taibbi piece in Rolling Stone on the survivors of the Pakistan earthquake and their precarious situation, and then write a check to the relief organization of your choice. Check here for some ideas.

Or, per Treehugger’s suggestion, buy something at

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(Speaking of Treehugger, they’ve got more thoughts on Buy Nothing day here, here, and here.)

Update [2005-11-27 11:36:6 by David Roberts]: See also Worldchanging on voluntary simplicity.

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