Over at WorldChanging they’re pushing the “debate is over” notion we’ve been talking about (here and here) to another level — compiling a “Universal Climate Skeptic Response Post” to act as catchall answer to those who want to keep the conversation stuck in debate terms.

They’re asking for help (and have already gotten a lot). I’m sure folks here have lots of good ideas and resources to add in.

Here’s a summary of what they’re looking for:

1) We want to build a post for WorldChanging with a simple, clear list of resource links and easy explanations for what climate change is, why scientists know it’s real, and why we’re no longer interested in having this debate.

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2) We would then like to come up with a clear, no-more-than-one-paragraph message which can be posted after trolling comments a) informing the commenter that, if they are serious in looking for more info, that info is available and they can access it on this page, and b) letting other readers know that the debate is over, and those questioning the scientific consensus at this point probably have another agenda, and we’re moving on. That message could even begin “The debate on climate change is over.”

What links and information should be in that “Universal Climate Skeptic Response Post”?

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