The Google Street View camera captured this donkey lying on its side in Botswana, near the edge of the road. It’s right in the center of the camera’s field of vision. It has one leg lifted stiffly up in the air. It looks … dead. In fact, it looks … like it got RUN OVER BY THE STREET VIEW CAR.

Google Street View

The internet saw and started pointing fingers at Google. Google killed that donkey! Donkey killers!

Not so fast, said Google. Did you not go to elementary school? Did you not learn that one should not assume about asses, as it makes an ass out of u and me and asses?

The donkey is not dead. It’s just resting. It was rolling in the dirt in front of the car, and it got up in time to give the Google car a doleful look.

donke yup
Google Street View

Internet, you can now carry on using Google products, safe in the knowledge that if they killed any donkeys, they did so off-camera.