Let’s get one thing straight: Grist was into global dimming before global dimming was cool.

Now: A BBC documentary is pushing, with great hype (not to say hysterics), the notion that efforts to reduce fossil fuel use will reverse global dimming and thus — irony! — accelerate global warming. I have already grumpily blogged this once. Now the folks over at RealClimate, about whose site I use the adjective “indispensable” with numbing regularity, have addressed the subject, saying, in effect, Slow down, cowboy! We don’t really know that much about dimming.

Now that some perspective has been added to the hype, I’m certain that wingnuts will stop forwarding around the new dimming stories as proof that driving SUVs is a virtue. Right?

Update [2005-1-21 15:17:39 by Dave Roberts]: More from RealClimate.

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