For all of you holding your breath (and your beer) for the day drunken cycling and horseback riding are finally sanctioned in South Dakota as a safer alternative to drunk driving, the latest update in the saga is that the state Senate passed a version of a bill on Monday that’s just what the die-hard cyclist ordered.

Importantly, the Senate bill avoids the redefinition of bicycles that the earlier House bill had incorporated, with the happy side effect that cyclists now shouldn’t lose their rights to the road in the rush to legalize two-wheeled drunkenness in the state. (Hey, I’ll drink to that!)

The bill now goes back to the S.D. House for re-approval and then, with luck, on to the governor.

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In almost totally unrelated news, I really dig this bicycle prototype for winter-weather cyclists. Of course, it looks like it’d only do well in terribly snowy locales where snow actually stays on the road (not in western Washington, obviously).

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Alternatively, I guess it’d also work in all those places where instead of plowing the bike lanes, snowplows actually push all the snow into the bike lanes (I’m talking to you, Colorado!).