In its last seven weeks, the Clinton administration is preparing a raft of environmental regulations. Standards for organic food labels, new limits on sulfur in diesel fuel, and protections for almost 60 million acres of roadless national forestland will be among the high-profile regs. Other regulations will likely include limits on mercury releases from power plants and waste runoff from animal feedlots, as well as a new policy barring the federal government from contracting with companies that have violated environmental laws. Word is that the U.S. EPA is hoping next fall to crack down on emissions from a wide range of mobile sources including dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, pleasure boats, and industrial vehicles such as forklifts — but who knows if such a plan would survive a George W. Bush administration. Already, Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) is blocking an end-of-the-year budget deal with the Clinton administration because he is upset about new rules restricting fishing off of Alaska to protect the Steller sea lion.