As most any enviro-news junkie with a modem knows, Tidepool has been a great online resource for the better part of the past decade. Tidepool was aggregating the daily eco-news out of the Northwest before the term “aggregator” was even a gleam in the eye of the internets.

With every day’s thematic compilation of news and views from California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska, Tidepool constructs the Northwest’s identity as the unified region of Cascadia.

Tidepool split from founding group Ecotrust a couple years ago, and the uptick in requests for donations had me a little worried that the service might disappear. So here’s hoping Tidepool’s made a soft landing into a great new situation, now that the project’s been taken over by Northwest Environment Watch:

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NEW is a natural home for Tidepool. Like Tidepool, NEW is committed to serving you — engaged citizens from all corners of Cascadia, a geography that overlaps substantially with Salmon Nation. Like Tidepool, NEW is passionate about providing you trustworthy, intelligent, and accessible information. Like Tidepool, NEW knows that you are looking for news and information you can use, in your work and your community. Like Tidepool, NEW knows that better information enables us all to help build a healthy, lasting prosperity grounded in place.

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Tidepool’s central function has been to highlight the most significant news that’s shaping our place; NEW’s strength is analyzing and interpreting this news and the trends underlying it. The two functions combined, we believe, will be greater than the sum of the parts. Over time, NEW will upgrade and enhance Tidepool, giving it a more-powerful technology platform and improved subscriber services. But the changes NEW makes will reflect what you — Tidepool’s audience — say you want. (Keep your eyes open for a survey soon!)

Good luck to all!