The Environmental Media Association is seeking entries for their Sixteenth Annual Environmental Media Awards. (You might recall that Vanessa McGrady covered last year’s event for Grist.)

Categories include:

  • Feature Film
  • Made for TV Movie
  • Television Episodic Comedy
  • Television Episodic Drama
  • Reality Program (New!)
  • Children’s TV Program: Animated & Live Action
  • Daytime Soap Opera (New!)
  • Documentary: Short (under 45 minutes)
  • Documentary: Feature (over 45 minutes)

And what makes a work environmental you ask?

Winners will be selected by a board of judges comprised of leaders from both the entertainment and environmental communities. Sometimes it can be as simple as a single beat in a half-hour television comedy or as elaborate as the story line for an entire feature film. As long as the work clearly delivers an environmental message in some way, EMA considers it “environmental” and urges you to submit it for consideration.

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Please keep in mind: environmentalism today isn’t just about recycling or saving trees. It’s about people in a consumer culture learning to say, “I have enough.” It’s about people of color fighting against hazardous waste dumps which end up in their neighborhoods more than anywhere else. It’s about courageous individuals fighting to protect the health of their families and friends. It’s about humans and nature coexisting in a myriad of ways. So take a moment to think about your work over the past year or projects you’ve had some association with. Given these broad criteria, if you believe you have a film or television program with an environmental message, we’d like to see it.

Email tips to, and feel free to also add them to comments.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.