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Few agribusiness companies give us as many headaches as Bayer CropScience — and no, that doesn’t mean we’ll be buying aspirin from its parent company (you know, the one with the Nazi past). Its most spectacular recent act of villainy involves the global collapse of the honeybee population. Bayer Cropscience is the leading global producer of a nasty class of pesticides linked to the collapse of these criticial pollinators’ populations. The pesticides have been banned by several European countries (including Bayer’s fatherland, Germany). Rather than simply giving the poisons a rest to see if honeybee populations come back, Bayer is fighting like an angry wasp to keep them in heavy use here. That’s standard operating procedure for this company, which also makes antibiotics used in livestock production, and has charged like a bull against any attempts to regulate them despite evidence that their routine overuse is creating antibiotic-resistant bugs.