Jack DeCosterJack DeCoster, chick magnate

Oh, Jacko, pondering your villainy leaves us traumatized like a hen trapped in one of your fetid cages. Way back in ’96, you inspired the U.S. Secretary of Labor to call your Maine egg factory “an agricultural sweatshop” where “the workers are treated like animals.” Given the way you treat animals, those are strong words! Since then, your life story reads like a rap sheet of crime against the environment, workers, public health, and animals alike. You’ve been convicted of knowingly exploiting undocumented workers (and that’s apart from this vile case); and declared a “habitual violator” of clean-water laws by the Iowa a
ttorney general. In your spare time, cagey old rooster that you are, you secretly built out the largest egg empire in the United States. Now that that empire has unleashed a half a billion salmonella-tainted eggs onto an unsuspecting public, even your own business partners and biggest buyers are scrambling to get away from you. Hate to say it, dude, but your career in agribusiness stinks like sulfur.