School lunchPhoto: John MurdenSchool lunches
Like many gross, painful things in life, the disgusting meals you ate at school have probably receded from memory. But this year, an anonymous teacher named Mrs. Q reminded the world just how scary school lunches really are, by snapping daily pics of the shrink-wrapped, nutritionally suspect, and generally depressing fare served at her school for her blog, “Fed Up: School Lunch Project.” We’d hoped her exposé might help inspire Congresscritters to invest in truly decent school lunches. Unfortunately, they had other priorities. As for Mrs. Q, tireless food figher that she is, she’s back on the front lines, eating in the cafeteria in solidarity with her students and penning daily accounts of the sad junk plopped on trays. Our monstrous school lunch system lurches on, and at least Mrs. Q makes sure it can’t hide the evil it does.