OysterPhoto: Claudia WedellGulf seafood
Call us retro-’80s nerds, but we still dig the whole “blackened” fish thing. However, we’d prefer the blackening come from the spice shaker — not from a massive, weeks-long, world-historical oil spill right in the midst of our nation’s most productive fishery. Frankly, that scares the hell out of us, as did BP’s dodgy practice of piping in gushers of chemical dispersants to “control” the uncontrollable spill. The government swears the seafood now coming out of the Gulf is OK — and just shipped in 2,000 pounds of Gulf seafood for holiday receptions to prove it ain’t scared. No doubt the feds and their scientists are diligently testing Gulf seafood, but as NRDC shows, the tolerance levels they use for carcinogenic pretrochemical traces is likely too low. Care for an oyster-Four-Loko shooter?