If you haven’t come across Current TV yet, here’s the skinny: Current is an independent cable and satellite TV network where average people like you and me create video (or Flash) shorts, upload them to the Current TV website, have them reviewed by other Current TV members, and have them appear on the network if a sufficient number of people “greenlight” them.

I don’t have cable or satellite television, so I’m limited to reviewing the schedule online and heading over to the studio to watch clips that are airing. Today I was pleased to stumble on a piece produced by submedia about biodiesel.

In “From the Fry Daddy to your Car,” bass player (and founder of Vegenergy.com) Robert Del Bueno discusses how he uses biodiesel to power his car. Anyone else think it’s cool that this got the greenlight?

Just check out some of these comments:

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great topic. localized production of fuel is awesome. lets start a revolution and keep pushing the idea on the masses! maybe McDonalds is good for us after all….

This is a great story, and one often over looked. Vegetable oil is a food stuff, and unless I’m wrong, isn’t regulated as a fuel source. Why more “mom and pop” shops haven’t openned up in my area here in New Hampshire is beyond me. I smell profit potential for whomever takes that step.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Cool!! Cooking oil and bio diesel (soy beean oil) creates jobs in the US and bring down our need to but our beloved soldiers in harms way. Furthermore, couple this system with plug in hybrids we could finally give the middle east people the “dual chin” kiss of bye bye and thanks for doing business with you.

Awsome video I think this video should be sent to members of congress so as to get them started on ways to reduce our dependency on crude oil. I just hope people will see this video on tv. Has anyone thought of sending this video to schools so it can be used in the Enviromental Science classes as a way to show different form of car fuel.

What seems odd is, it appears there is only one Katrina related clip scheduled to air on the network. I would have thought Current TV would make an excellent outlet for getting the various stories out there.

And you have to check out what might be the world’s first organic rap. As one commentor posted, it is “da bomb.” Let’s get this greenlighted!