I never drink during the day, unless it’s a wedding, or the end of the world. (Photo by Michelle Tribe.)

Imagine there’s a huge nuclear explosion and almost everyone you know is dead. Sure, things are bad. But you can still get a beer.

Alex Wellerstein at the Nuclear Secrecy blog has looked into some of the weird shit that the United State’s Nuclear Defense Agency did during the Cold War to better understand the finer points of nuclear attacks. And one of those things was to drop bombs on bottles of beer. Naturally some of them were smashed into oblivion, but those that survived were totally safe to drink. In fact they were described in reports as “still of commercial quality.” Which is basically just another way of saying, since they are talking beer, fucking delicious.

So comforting to know that during this dark time in our nation’s history, our government was concerned about what we would drink as our faces were melting off. Also comforting to know that no matter what, it’s always Miller Time!

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