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As a small, scrappy, poor non-profit magazine devoted to the environment, we naturally revel in our thoroughgoing moral superiority to the mainstream media (MSM).

We also, naturally, giggle like schoolgirls whenever they mention our name.

Amanda’s interview with Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott is covered rather extensively in the business section of the New York Times.

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Also, our Maximum Leader Chip is quoted (for reasons not entirely clear, but whatevs, we love it) toward the top of this story about carbon offsets.

Also, ML Chip is interviewed by NPR’s Weekend America for Earth Day (second segment down), about the changing image of environmentalists — a change, we find out from the disinterested interview subject, being led by Grist!

Also, ML Chip has an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle today, about the connection between poverty and the environment — a little late for our Poverty & the Environment special edition, but then, it’s not like the problem has gone away.

And that’s that for Self-Promotion Sunday. Tune in next week!

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