Dear Dream Candidate,

We know you’re out there. You’re the one who will make our eyes widen and our hearts beat a little faster. Your stellar editorial chops, passion for sustainability, sense of humor, and excellent way with people will get you noticed in a nanosecond. Your résumé will float to the top of the pile as, off in the distance, a choir of endangered bullfrogs breaks into chaotic, inspiring song. Trust us, we will hire you.

But first you have to tell us who you are. Reveal thyself, executive editor!

Yes, we here at Grist are looking for a sharp, creative, and experienced leader to build up and manage our already-pretty-awesome editorial team and take our work to the next level. You’ve got the vision and skills to help us improve and expand our journalism and widen our audience. You’re equally comfortable participating in high-level planning meetings, managing budgets, mentoring staff, plotting with other teams to increase our revenue, and diving in to help meet a deadline or source a story.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

To do it all well, you’ll need a few notches on your résumé: At least seven years of online editorial experience, including at daily news operations; a commitment to forceful, intelligent journalism; strong knowledge of current events and issues in the realm of climate change and sustainability; and proven success leading editorial teams whose members range from aspiring journalists to experienced experts. Bonus points if you love puns and hate suits.

Now hurry up and apply already.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Your soon-to-be colleagues

P.S. We’re also hiring a social media manager and a senior news editor.