SweetRiot cacao nibsAs regular readers know, Gristmill is scrupulously independent, fiercely resistant to even a hint of conflict of interest. We accept no donations or gifts, and offer no quid pro quo.

Except when it comes to chocolate and liquor. For those, we happily prostitute ourselves.

Case in point: A "mission-based" company called SweetRiot in NYC sent me a box of their chocolate-covered cacao nibs. They are, in a word, delish. They come in cute little tins, with cute little factoids tucked away in each one. The people who run the company are cute. The web page is cute. The whole damn enterprise is cute. And environmentally progressive. And yummy.

So forthwith, official Gristmill product placement: SweetRiot chocolate! Yippee!

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

(I hope all you other eco-sensitive chocolate and liquor purveyors are listening. Or has my message been too subtle?)

One note: I notice that SweetRiot’s blog fails to link to Gristmill in its blogroll. And yet we still endorse them. Why? Because we’re all about selflessness and integrity. And chocolate.