Alaska! You rock!

That’s right, the rest of you 49 laggards (you too, D.C.!). Alaska is the first state to go green in the United States of Grist.

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“Well shucks,” you’re thinking. “I rely on Grist for all my environmental news, served with a side dish of humor. My love for the mag is more than enough to prompt me to make a donation!”

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Aww, y’all are sweet. But we like to have a twist. We’re just like that. This year, we’re sick of seeing that damn red and blue map everywhere, and we’re sick of being told that the U.S. is composed of two alien groups who can barely recognize each other any more. We happen to believe Americans share some broad goals and principles — clean air, clean water, and healthy food come to mind. We’re all about unity, folks, and we think you are too.

So donate. When the number of donations from your state reaches its number of electoral votes, it turns from red or blue to green. Let’s turn the whole country green!

We’ll make a point, and oh yeah, we’ll be able to keep bringing you award-winning environmental coverage. It’s a win-win!

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