What’s up? Usually when I tout procreation, there’s no end to the scolding. But my guest post on Sustainablog has generated almost nothing. The Treehuggers were not similarly restrained.

While we’re on the topic, I ran across this passage in Cradle to Cradle:

The goal is zero: zero waste, zero emissions, zero “ecological footprint.”

As long as human beings are regarded as "bad," zero is a good goal. But to be less bad is to accept things as they are, to believe that poorly designed, dishonorable, destructive systems are the best humans can do. This is the ultimate failure of the "be less bad" approach: a failure of the imagination. From our perspective, this is a depressing vision of our species’ role in the world.

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What about an entirely different model? What would it mean to be 100% good?

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