Along with your omegas, you’ve been getting a dose of mercury in some of your seafood. In fact, the amount of mercury in some seafood has risen to dangerously high levels, putting children at risk for neurological problems. In an effort to combat the growing number of contamination cases, the Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory in 2004 warning women of child-bearing age and children to avoid certain types of fish and limit their consumption of albacore tuna, for example, to six ounces a week. That’s about one sandwich. Grist readers undoubtedly know this, but what about those that don’t check the FDA website on a daily basis?

Oceana has been pressuring supermarkets for nearly a year to post this warning at their seafood counters. Yesterday, we held press conferences in eight cities across the nation, revealing which supermarkets are stepping up to the plate and outing supermarkets that aren’t. On Monday, I got word that Whole Foods joined Safeway, Dominicks, Carrs, Genuardi’s, Tom Thumb, Vons, Wild Oats and some others as members of the Green List by agreeing to post the signs.

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