Starbucks and Global Green USA have teamed up to put together a new online game called Planet Green. The objective: Travel around a small town called Evergreen (Get it? Ever … green … ha!) looking for ways to save on CO2 emissions.

The game reminds me of something that might be produced to teach small children about the dangers of sexual predators or crossing the street in heavy traffic. Well-intentioned, yes. A whole lotta fun? Heck to the no.

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The problem, methinks, is that the game gives you almost no control over your own destiny. Any time you get to make the teensiest choice about where to go or what to do, you’re interrupted by an exceedingly long message about saving energy or global warming. Yes, I know that’s the point, but the point could be made in a way that is not so yawn-inducing that even I, a staunch member of the green team, felt the need to click over to to read an article on The Apprentice instead of saving the town of Evergreen from its environmental sins. Yes, folks, reading about Donald Trump’s moribund reality show is more fun than playing this game.

But … um, check it out anyway!

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