Re: Of Classrooms and Closets

Dear Editor:

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Thank you for the feature on earth-friendly, back-to-school clothes and school supplies. While the information is greatly appreciated, however, your timing stinks. My kids, as with most others around the country, have been back at school for nearly a month now, with new tennis shoes and backpacks in tow. Your article would have been much more valuable to me, and the impact greater, if you had published this information two months ago. I’ve bookmarked some of the links for next year!

I notice that Greenpeace’s grades for eco-friendly athletic shoes do not include the universal choice of grade-schoolers — Sketchers. I’d be interested to know how they measure up.

Amy Ellsworth

Boulder, Colo.

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Re: The Rollback Machine

Dear Editor:

Many thanks for the new column — I love it! I just want to point out that this column is badly needed no matter who is president. Don’t let up if a Democrat gets elected next year (my fingers are crossed).

Grady Harper

Washington, D.C.


Re: Take It or Leavitt

Dear Editor:

Well, I never thought I would say it, but “take me off the Grist list!” I read your new Muckraker column and it raised my blood pressure quite a few points. I never expected such political crapola from Grist. Politics, politics, politics! What’s the connection between air-quality concerns at Ground Zero and the confirmation of Gov. Leavitt? To quote your article — nada! The confirmation provides a perfect opportunity for Sen. Clinton to filibuster and make sure nothing at all works.

First of all, why is Grist involved in all of this? Secondly, why can’t our politicians realize that we are all on the same side? Why do they have to block the progress of Leavitt’s confirmation instead of allowing the EPA to get on with things? What these “environmentally minded” politicians are doing is furthering their own personal agendas and vendettas against the Bush administration. And where does Grist get the authority to describe EPA Administrator Horinko’s responses concerning the World Trade Center wreckage as “shoddy”?

Defending a threatened filibuster and Greenpeace was just too much for me. I’m still a tree-hugger, but not a Grist-reading one.

Betsy Metcalf

Fredericksburg, Va.


Re: Allen Hershkowitz, Natural Resources Defense Council

Dear Editor:

Thank you for profiling Allen Hershkowitz from NRDC in Grist. The work that he and NRDC and other environmental organizations are doing to try and preserve the remaining forests in the U.S. is to be applauded. We all need to take action on this extremely serious issue. Throughout Georgia, logging trucks filled with logged trees cram the highways daily. It is a painful sight that is a reminder that we must care more about our forests and become good stewards of our lands before they are all lost for future generations to enjoy.

Theresa Perenich

Athens, Ga.


Re: My Old Kentucky Sewage

Dear Editor:

Functioning septic systems return water to the ground where it belongs. Sewers are not always the answer — and are often extremely bad for a rural environment. Help the septic owners (and straight-pipers) upgrade their systems. We have learned this in the very populated San Lorenzo Valley in Santa Cruz County, Calif. Good septic systems are better for the environment than sewer systems in many cases.

Nancy Macy,

Boulder Creek, Calif.


Re: Field of Greens

Dear Editor:

I have voted for every Green Party candidate who has ever run in my local government. I thought that this young party was worthy of whatever support I could provide. I used to admire Ralph Nader. That has all changed. I will no longer support this party, with money or votes. They have proven that they really don’t care what happens to this country, as long as they get their party’s name in the media.

Do I blame them for Bush being elected? You bet! A worthy party would have pulled out for the good of the country, after they made their point. Everything that I thought would happen if Bush was elected has, and more. All those lives lost in a war waged on lies, because the Green Party couldn’t control their glee. Not only have they lost this independent’s support, but I hope they lose every other Democrat and independent’s support. Too bad — they had such great promise!

Linda Spire

Syracuse, N.Y.


Re: A Nice Piece of Tailpipe

Dear Editor:

The word wizardry of your headlines is always a delight. This is one of the best ever. It tickles those of us, boys and girls alike, who lust in our hearts after the perfect transportation “package.” Thanks.

Jeff Howard

Fort Worth, Texas