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In 2001, Sophie Binder quit her job and left for a cycling trip around the world, covering 14,000 miles in 14 months. Now, 12 years later, you can live her epic trip vicariously through her incredibly beautiful sketches and watercolors, because of COURSE she’s also an incredibly talented artist, UGH, some people have the BEST LIVES. Pardon me while I go weep into my unwashed dishes.

Anyway, the book is called The World, Two Wheels, a Sketchbook and Your Enduring Despair at Wasting Your Time on Earth. Or something like that.

If you honestly think this kind of adventuresome spirit and artistic skill should be encouraged when the rest of us have to toil over our computers all day, you can support a limited print run of Binder’s book (which is actually called The World, Two Wheels, and a Sketchbookon Indiegogo, for some pretty awesome rewards — only $25 gets you a print of one of the book’s illustrations, and $55 gets you a signed, nearly 300-page coffee table book. It doesn’t say how much it costs to get back your belief that your sad, grey little life is worthwhile, but you probably can’t afford it.

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