I just got done appearing on a rightwing talk radio show, hosted by one of the B-list Limbaughs that fill the drive-time airwaves across the country. He was all in a lather about Heidi Cullen; it became clear during his intro that he’d invited me on because he assumed I’d defend her (after all, I want to execute skeptics!).

"I assume you support Cullen’s attempts to censor her political opponents," he said at the opening.

"Eh," I said, "it doesn’t seem worth the bother." That flummoxed him a bit.

I used my time on air to make three simple points:

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  1. The number of deniers is tiny and shrinking, and they have no credibility in the scientific community.
  2. The IPCC is one of the most rigorous scientific processes ever developed, and its new report pegs it at greater than 90% confidence that humanity is driving recent warming.
  3. Accepting the basic science of climate change does not mean you have to become a socialist treehugger; there are plenty of market-based policies on offer. Wingnuts are ill-served by trying to make political points by denying accepted scientific facts.

The host was somewhat taken aback that I wasn’t a bomb-throwing wacko. He didn’t know what to make of me. I think my reasonableness bored him.

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