no-men1.jpgLord knows we men are to blame for most things — but global warming?

Yes — according to a major new report (PDF) by Gerd Johnsson-Latham for the Environment Advisory Council of the Environment Ministry of … wait for it … Sweden. The report’s focus:

What we know about the extent to which women globally live in a more sustainable way than men, leave a smaller ecological footprint and cause less climate change.

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Ouch! Don’t look at me — I telecommute; my wife takes the car.

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If gender equality is in fact a prerequisite for sustainable development, it’s definitely be time to buy property on high ground. Fortunately, the theory is debunked by a best-selling nonfiction book: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

This is fatal to Gerd’s theory. After all, which of those two planets is cold — and which is “a 900-degree inferno” with a “runaway greenhouse effect,” to quote a 2002 NASA study?

The defense rests.

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