PBS is going to start airing a show called Building green in September.

A green-building TV show sounds interesting, but also makes me nervous. Will it be more of the shallow consumerism that defines most home shows? Or will it actually seek to give average people the comfort and confidence to try green-building projects themselves.

The show’s website describes it as “the building show about creating gorgeous homes that are healthier, more energy efficient and better for the environment.” To me “gorgeous” sounds like code for “expensive” and makes me worry it’s going to be mainly profiles of green trophy homes.

The producers also have this odd statement:

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We want people to know that “Building Green” is about mindful choices, addressing family health and quality of life issues with every decision made within any given budget. In this case, it definitely is the thought that counts!!

I have no idea what they’re talking about here, but I’m curious and confused at the same time.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

At the website you can watch a promo video and a video of a panel of green-building professionals commenting on the show.

Hmmm … guess I’ll have to file this one under wait and see.