Take a deep breath, western United States: You’re about to be on fire.

Parts of Arizona, Nevada, and California are expected to reach 120 degrees next week, or the approximate temperature of Hell. The area subject to high temps is vast — and vastly populated — and includes L.A., Phoenix, San Diego, Tucson, and Las Vegas. In fact, 66 million people are expected to fall under a hot weather advisory next week, or about a fifth of the U.S. population, NBC reports.

While 120 degrees is unimaginably hot, we’re already surpassing temperature records around the U.S. this week: Columbia, Missouri, and Des Moines, Iowa, both hit a record 99 degrees on Wednesday, and heat advisories have been issued from Louisiana to the West Coast. And it’s only June.

Soaring temperatures are especially concerning in light of the wildfires raking the Southwest, where thousands of acres are already burning. Hundreds of people had to evacuate in California, Arizona, and New Mexico this week, where the San Mateo Mountains fire has already burned over 30,000 acres.

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Extreme temperatures and wildfires are becoming more and more common as global climate change increases. The National Weather Service warns that next week’s heat wave could be deadly, and has advised residents to stay indoors, drink a lot of water, and find air conditioning where you can.

Whatever you do, definitely don’t move to Seattle.

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