Given pandas’ population difficulties, “getting it on” probably isn’t something they engage in very often, but don’t tell the world’s eager panda-philes that.

China has set up voyeur-friendly web cams that stream panda content live from the mountains of Sichuan in four 20-minute segments every day (except for weekends) so that, as Reuters says, “people around the world can spy on pandas doing what comes naturally to them.”  

If you’re thinking “hot panda sex!,” don’t.

Even when conditions in the “fog-shrouded mountains” permit, panda voyeurs can witness largely sedate bears munching on bamboo shoots, sleeping, (and slowly going extinct).

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Wolong Giant Panda Reservation and Research Centre, home to 154 wild and about 80 artificially bred giant pandas, launched the service on its Web site (

“PandaCam” will go live for four 20-minute periods a day, giving the animals a bit of privacy at weekends, Xinhua news agency said on Friday.

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Uncomfortable spying on pandas in China? Try the U.S. version!

Yep, we have our very own PandaCam, already in action, trained on the bears at the National Zoo. Cute in the way that only captive, pacing pandas can be. (Is it on a loop or is that the third lap in the last ten minutes?) Fun!