"Play Freebird!"

James Arnott“Play Freebird!”

Have you ever wondered what kind of music parrots like? I never had, but now that someone has taken the trouble to find out, I actually wonder why I ever bothered to be curious about anything else.

What happened is, a British person (big surprise) put two parrots in a cage. He put two buttons in there which the parrots could press to turn on music. The music choices were Vangelis and Scissor Sisters. One of the parrots, named Leo, was into Scissor Sisters, and the other one preferred Vangelis. They did this study for a whole month, and the parrots were unwavering in their choices.

If you are excited as I am about this you will be happy to know that someone else did an entirely different, equally awesome study of parrots and music tastes, also with charming but dubiously scientific results: Parrots don’t like the Chemical Brothers or Prodigy. Further scientific study of YouTube also determined that cockatoos like the Backstreet Boys.

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