Police in Wichita, Kan., have discovered what potheads who store their stash under the bed or in their walls have known for years: Mice consider a tangle of weed to be a comfy home. A local TV station reports:

The three bags of marijuana at the police storage facility in Wichita had been torn open. Some was missing. At first blush, it seemed a clear case of evidence tampering.

Wichita police duly investigated … Police Lt. Doug Nolte says mice chewed into the bags of marijuana from some 2009 cases, nested in it and ate some.

Mice like the smell of marijuana, apparently. Or possibly they like to get high. They do have cannabinoid receptors, so the drug can affect their minds. (As you can learn quite easily from the internet — there are plenty of people out there getting their pet mice stoned.) But also, a big, tightly packed block of smelly leaves is like the ideal home for a mouse. The fact that it makes them appreciate Adventure Time is just a bonus.

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