Ahoy there, mateys! ‘Tis I, ye saucy wench, and this day be wonderful for Something Fishy.

First, as has been mentioned several times already, there’ve been some exciting discoveries out in the South Pacific — including some 52 new species of fish and corals. I be the first one to tell ye that the oceans are a great unexplored frontier. But when I read the news about all these new critters — flasher fish! mantis shrimp! “walking” sharks! — I could hardly believe me eyes eye.

And what better timing could those scurvy sea dogs researchers have, what with it being Talk Like a Pirate Day and all. I say we weigh anchor, head for the poop deck, and throw back a noggin o’ rum in celebration. Who’s with me?

I’ll even provide the entertainment: footage from our most recent Pirate Convention and this instructional video on pirate-speak:

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Arrr … you ready to party?

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.