The League of Conservation Voters is here at Sundance this week, and they have actually succeeded in meeting famous people and talking to them about climate change.

LCV Senior VP for Political Affairs Tony Massaro has been in Park City this weekend for the opening of Everything’s Cool and for some on-the-ground filming with celebs. LCV, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Working Films are co-branding an activism campaign that will give viewers some advice on what they can to do make a difference on global warming after getting inspired by the film. From sending postcards to Nancy and Harry to installing CFLs at home, they’re making sure viewers leave willing, and armed, to make a change.

LCV’s other purpose while here in town is to catch up with some celebs, of course. Massaro and his crew have been out working the red carpet, getting celebs to give the camera some green lovin’.

“We thought there was an opportunity to come out and talk to a lot of different kinds of people, including celebrities, and get them to talk to the camera about how they feel about global warming,” said Massaro.

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As of last night, they’d caught Dennis Hopper, Bradley Whitford, Ione Skye, and everyone’s fav eco-celeb, Ed Begley Jr.

“Almost everyone we’ve talked to mentions Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth. Even Dennis Hopper said (he) hadn’t seen it yet, but he wants to,” said Massaro. “We’re going to send him a copy of it.”

Any celebs he was hoping to see?

“I was very disappointed to see that Jessica Alba wasn’t going to be there,” said Massaro.

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“Is she into the environment?” I asked.

“I have no idea.”