Canadians’ bodies polluted with over three dozen toxic chemicals

O, Canada: great big land of maple syrup, socialized health care, and … toxic bodies. According to a new report, average Canadians may be packed with more than 40 human-made carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and substances that mess with reproduction and fetal development. Researchers tested 11 volunteers — whose lifestyles represented a cross-section of society — for 88 chemicals. Participants tested positive for an average of 44 of the substances, including heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs, and more — and it didn’t seem to matter how green or health-conscious their habits were, as the clean-living enviro in the group scored a 48. The health impacts of the chemicals are unclear, but Rick Smith of Environmental Defense Canada thinks it’s obvious folks would be better off without them. “We are part of a huge uncontrolled experiment,” he said, “the outcome of which is entirely unpredictable.” Health Canada says it’ll look into the matter.