1. Smokin’ hot Does this dress make my butt look recycled?
  2. Here’s the scoop

    Can we rename an old Ben & Jerry’s flavor to honor a new president? Yes Pecan!

  3. The full Vermonty

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    At the Miss America Pageant later this month, Miss Vermont will walk the stage in an eco-friendly hemp gown. And perhaps Miss Texas will carry a beef jerky purse.

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    Photo: Steve Legge/Image North Photography

  4. Stick a cork in it

    Make a miniature chair using just the corks, foil, and cages from two champagne bottles and you can enter this contest. Winners receive a person-size chair made from recycled materials — but everyone gets to drink two bottles of bubbly!

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  5. Norway or the highway

    We’re not mad; we’re just very, very disappointed that these Norwegian eco-darlings don’t have American counterparts.