1. Truth or falsetto

    An Inconvenient Truth gives its encore performance — at the Milan opera house. Climate change ain’t over ’til the fat Albert sings.

    Photo: Gil Cohen Magen / Reuters

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  2. Lookin’ fin

    Feel like a fish out of water? Slip into an itsy bitsy teeny weeny salmon skin bikini. Made from discarded scales and trimmed in Lycra, they may cost a lox, but your chums will surely filet envious.

  3. Pop on pop

    Think those salmon ‘skinis are a bit fishy? Suit up with a pant/jacket combo made from recycled pop bottles. Pair it with a clip-on recycle tie and you’ve got the perfect Father’s Day ensemb.

  4. Will they burn Al Gore in effigy?

    Wacko website Grassfire.org has deemed June 12 Carbon Belch Day, a symbolic “release from the absurdity of green extremism.” And they mean business: Some climate skeptics plan to not recycle newspapers for one day. Yeah. Don’t mess.

  5. Show them that you carrot

    Hoping to urge local businesses to move toward sustainability, a SanFran man asked: If you lead a hipster mob to a liquor store, can you make biz think? Apparently, yes. And they might even let you film a horrible hip-hop video.


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