Once upon a time, an eccentric Dutch business man and his two cats rode from Amsterdam to London on bicycle. The man steered the cargo vessel while his feline companions, Mushi and Cheesy, lounged on pillows in a glass box on wheels. Together, they took in lovely views of the Dutch and English countrysides.

Sound like a story you’d tell your kids before bedtime? Well, you’re welcome to, but this is one hairy tale that actually happened. Thomas Vles is the CEO of a company called Poopy Cat, a feline accessories store. Vles regularly travels with his meowing mistresses in toe, according to Daily Mail. His team was brainstorming a way to promote their new “poop-up store” in London when they come up with the idea for the trip. As Vles points out, “What is more Dutch than bringing the cats to London in a bike?” Here’s more:

They were followed by a support team, including a veterinarian, in a truck.

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Thomas cycled most of the way, but was forced to ride in the truck for part of the journey near Colchester.

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He said: ‘In the beginning it was all fine but in some spots it was too hilly to ride the bike and too dangerous for the cats. The hills were too steep.’

Vles, Mushi, and Cheesy rode the kitty mobile across Europe for three days before reaching their final destination in London. Vles and the gang are an inspiration to the rest of us: Traveling without a car doesn’t have to be a drag — especially when you bring adorable kitties.