Back in March, we reported on a pending EPA decision that would have allowed untreated sewage to be released on a regular basis. Yuck.

We’re happy to report that someone — namely 98,000 people who took the time to make comments, and hardy Congressman Bart Stupak (D.-Mich.) and cohorts — convinced the EPA that was gross. Last week, the agency announced that it would not approve the proposal, which had been lingering in the air since 2003.

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“Blending is not a long-term solution,” said EPA administrator Benjamin Grumbles. “Our goal is to reduce overflows and increase treatment of wastewater to protect human health and the environment.”

What a concept!

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Now if only Stupak could work his bulldog magic on mercury. Or carbon. Or … oh, fine, I’ll just be happy about semi-clean sewage for now.