A while back, I wrote this post. Senate Environment Committee attack dog Marc Morano highlighted it in a press release. Then it ended up on the front page of the Drudge Report.

Here are some excerpts from the emails I’ve received today (warning: explicit language):

We believe that the “fight against global warming” is nothing but a NWO [New World Order] ploy to justify a new, massive, globe-girdling, governmental bureaucracy, complete with police-state enforcement powers. Since the “developing” nations are exempt from Kyoto, despite India, China, etc., being the world’s worst polluters, it is also designed to further cripple the West, and bring about the total collapse of the international monetary system. The resulting economic anarchy will allow the NWO to step in and establish their one-world government with a minimum of resistance. Remember the Masonic credo “Ordo ab Chao” (Order from Chaos), which fits this scenario to a tee.

Who’s the goddamn fascists? It’s you motherfuckers. You’re little different that these Muslim idiots out there screaming death to America because somebody else said it first. … You’re all screaming "The End Is Near!" in your pseudoscience techno-babble and have named Al Gore your Messiah. What a bunch of faggots. … It just occurred to me that people like you have chronic PMS :) Always whining and bitching, never really happy because someone else has something you want or are happy for reasons unknown to you. You all are a bunch of little faggots

You’re such an asshole…perhaps you’ll get cancer or AIDS or Ebola or something soon…sane people can only hope. Your rants are only pissing people off more and more.

Maybe you could answer a question; what was all that human industry that caused the Medieval Warm Period? Were they driving SUVs back around 1000 AD, or more mundane family sedans? As the proud owner of a Hummer, I’m interested in your response.

YOU’RE the one that ought to be on trial!

David…you fuck!

I actually took and passed a course in heat transfer and I know for a fact that the models are scams.

If you’re serious about this Nuremberg bullshit you pencil-dicks had better come to the party with a lot more firepower than your pissant magazine and your sniveling website.

My first defense witness will be the planet Mars. If you think I am being sarcastic, I am not. Mars blows away the myth of human caused global warmng.