Please look after these bears. Thank you.

CBSPlease look after these bears. 

Every year, Ben Kilham of Lyme, N.H. — the state’s only bear rehabilitator — looks after a handful of orphaned bears. This winter, because food was so scarce, and so many mothers were shot foraging for food, he has 27 orphaned bears to contend with.

When you think of 27 orphaned bear cubs, what do you think of next?  Extreme cuteness? Well. That’s nice for you, because Kilham thinks of dog food and the money it costs to buy dog food. It’s going to take a lot of both to keep these poor critters alive until they’re ready to take care of themselves — Kilham has already spent a $2,500 grant on dog food and corn. 

Besides that grant, from the New Hampshire Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Kilham has received other donations from individuals — but he could use more, as his estimate for keeping the bears alive and healthy is about $1,000 per bear. (Yes, bears eat a lot.) Obviously you are a concerned citizen. If you are, additionally, a concerned, bear-loving citizen, please send money to the Bear Hill Conservancy.

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