If you can think of something cuter than this you are nuts. (Photo by AMPA.)

Yeah, manatees are really cute. I think we can all agree on that. They’re just so cuddly, like what a TempurPedic mattress would look like if it came to life. Even cuter: baby manatee. Even cuter than that: baby manatee with a sad story that has a happy ending.

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In March, fishermen in the Amazon discovered this baby manatee near his mother’s dead body. They contacted Friends of the Manatee (also known as AMPA, because it is Brazilian so its actual name is in Portuguese), a nonprofit whose sole purpose is to protect this insane cuteness. The group nursed the baby back to health. Soon it will be ready to go back into the wild, where it will continue to be cute. That’s the whole story! Yay! Here’s another picture!

Photo by AMPA.

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