TIMEThis week’s TIME has a big package of stories on global warming. Upping the ante on the de rigueur10 things you can do,” the magazine offers a whopping 51, an odd mix of large structural reforms and consumer tips like drying your clothes on a clothesline.

Coming in at No. 1? Ethanol. Oy. Then again, a carbon tax comes in at No. 5, so all is not lost. Also earning the DR thumbs up: geothermal heat, urban living, cutting down on meat, supporting farmers markets, and just for the weirdness factor, avoiding left turns.

Elsewhere in the issue, you can find:

There isn’t much here that will be new to regular Grist readers — except maybe in Hertsgaard’s piece, which is the best of the bunch — but this is just the sort of magisterial, graphically rich overview that ginormo companies like Time-Warner can produce with their ginormo budgets.

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Hopefully it will have a transformative effect on Middle America. Or at least raise an eyebrow or two between episodes of American Idol.