There are things that we like about the Clarity Bike. It’s lightweight, which means it’ll tire its rider out less quickly. It has, according to Gizmodo, a “gentle flexibility,” which makes it sound like you’d be floating down the road, evading cars with a light touch. And it’s made of the same stuff as fighter jets, which is just plain awesome.

But here is what we do not like about it. It is clear. As in, hard to see. As in, you will probably die riding this thing.

Alright, maybe that’s taking it too far. But most received wisdom about bikes focuses on keeping yourself visible. While it’s not necessary to wear those orange safety vests, it seems counterintuitive to ride a bike that’s harder to see. When a car hits you and the driver claims “but … but … she came out of nowhere,” it doesn’t actually help your case if you then say, “That’s the point, bozo!” However, if you are a ninja, all bets are off, and this is clearly the bike for you.

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