I don’t have time to write a whole lot on it, but travel booking website Travelocity is doing lots of cool stuff, including this:

Nearly 60 percent of the trees in the Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge were destroyed when Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans coastline. Just more than a year later, Travelocity has teamed up with The Conservation Fund to begin replanting more than 2,000 trees in Bogue Chitto as part of Travelocity’s new Go Zero initiative.

The tree planting is in conjunction with Travelocity’s new Go Zero initiative, which is a carbon offset program that allows customers to effectively "zero out" or offset the carbon emissions generated by their flight, hotel, or car usage through a donation to The Conservation Fund, which then plants trees that absorb carbon dioxide. Travelocity has also purchased carbon offsets for its own North American employee travel with a donation to the Go Zero program.

Go Zero is part of a larger campaign that Travelocity has launched called Travel For Good. As part of this campaign, Travelocity has teamed up with several volunteer vacation partners to promote "Voluntourism" — a way for travelers to take part in a volunteer project while on vacation. More information about Travel For Good can be found at www.travelocity.com/travelforgood. Additionally, more information about Go Zero can be found at www.travelocity.com/gozero.

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Are they sincere about this, or are they “just” doing it to look good and make more money? I submit to you that it doesn’t matter. Not even a little bit.

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