Obviously, my (interminable) series on fear and environmentalism raises more questions than it answers. It’s woefully schematic. There’s much more to be said. I hope, if nothing else, this will prompt people to start talking about this stuff. Advocates for reason and compassion are often derided as fuzzy-headed and unrealistic, despite the obvious failure of fear and violence to produce anything of worth. They need to start defending themselves more explicitly, and more proudly. They are in the right.


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Later this evening, I’m heading out in the trusty minivan with the trusty family to spend a week lounging in a cabin on Flathead Lake in Montana. My plan is to wage an aggressive campaign of leisure. I will not stop until unconditional relaxation has been declared.

While I’m gone I’ll be leaving the blog in the hands of its many other capable contributors. I’m sure they’ll do you proud.

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See you next week!