Be serious: You’d abandon your car in a hot second if the alternative were fucking jetpacks. Well, thanks to French company Zapata Racing, that dream is still … not a reality. Its jetpacks only work over water. BUT LOOK AT WHAT THEY CAN DO OVER WATER!

(N.B., that video is boring until about 0:55. After that, it is not boring anymore.)

Oh, P. FUCKING S., you can also use it to dive through the water like a dolphin:

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This basically looks like the funnest thing in the world — it’s like they’re walking on waterspouts. And who knows … maybe in combination with a commuter waterway, these jetpacks could actually be realistic personal transportation. But if all they do is make you feel like you’re flying over the ocean like a majestic goddamned seabird, we’ll take it.