McDonald’s to power U.K. delivery fleet with its own grease

Proving once again that everything’s cooler in Europe, McDonald’s has announced that it will run all its U.K. delivery vehicles on biodiesel — from its own greasy grills! The chain will convert the 155-lorry fleet to a mix of 85 percent fry grease and 15 percent rapeseed oil by next year, and says the switch will cut its U.K. carbon emissions 75 percent. Mickey D’s has already made a similar move in Austria, and is apparently drumming up other plans around packaging and recycling. All this comes on the heels of the late June news that the fast-food giant will buy milk from organic dairies, and a summer push to sell healthier meals to kids. The biodiesel initiative “is a great example of how businesses can work together to help the environment,” said Matthew Howe, senior vice president, in what has to be the most nondescript sound bite ever. We prefer Chief Supply Chain Officer Francesca DeBiase, who said European operations serve as an “early warning system” for the U.S. Dum dum DUM.