Play "Green," by Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is a popular country artist and the husband of another popular country artist, Miranda Lambert.

This is the first song off his new album Startin’ Fires. It’s called "Green," and contains the immortal couplet, "I know a lot more about cane-pole fishin’ / than I ever will about carbon emissions." Lyrics below the fold.

People used to call me backwards
livin’ out here with the tractors
lettin’ this world leave me behind

Nowadays I’m an innovator
a country boy prognosticator
man, a man ahead of my time

I got a hundred-acre farm
I got a John Deere in my barn
I got a garden in my yard
full corn, peas, and beans
I got a guitar I play unplugged
I got a home-grown girl I love
and when the summertime hits we skinny dip in the stream
I was green before green was a thing

Sheets on the clothesline dryin’
Red tail hawks a-flyin’
A couple a deer on the timberline
Yeah I know a lot more about cane-pole fishin’
Than I ever will about carbon emissions
But my little corner of the world is doin’ just fine

[Chorus x 2]