Ever wonder what celebrities do for the holidays? Are they sipping Cristal and nibbling foie gras, or throwing back eggnog and turkey giblets like the rest of us?

During a phone chat with pop star Moby this week, I got the chance to ask that very question. A strict vegan, Moby hasn’t touched anything close to eggnog for 20 years, so what is he chowing on this weekend? You might be surprised by what’s on — or off — his menu.

The following is a snippet from a longer discussion about Moby’s new release Go, a two-disc “best of” album, and his work with various political and social causes. Consider it an appetizer, a holiday-themed taste of what’s to come. Stay tuned for the full interview — or main course, as it were — in the illustrious pages of Grist next week.

What’s on your menu for Thanksgiving this year?

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Uh … [Laughs.] If I tell you the truth, it’s going to sound really sad. As my family sits down to a very conventional Thanksgiving dinner, I’ll probably have a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich and maybe some sweet potatoes.

You’re right. That does sound a little sad.

Because the sweet potatoes are the only thing my family makes that’s vegan.

So you don’t go for the tofurkey?

Oh, tofurkey is fantastic, and if I was staying home for Thanksgiving, I’d probably do that. But I have quite a large family, so I usually go up just to see them.

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I didn’t tell anyone about it, but one Thanksgiving I fasted. … On a day that’s so much about overeating, I wanted to see what it was like to abstain. And it was actually really nice because I could just focus on my family and how much I like them.

That’s interesting. But you haven’t done that since?

No. Maybe I’ll do it this year, I don’t know. But fasting’s hard. I’m kind of a wussy, when it comes to fasting. After about six hours, I sort of lose interest and find something to eat.