Bonnie Powell, aka “DairyQueen” over at Ethicurean, has posted snippets from an in-depth interview with Walter Robb, co-president of Whole Foods. Here’s a couple of bites from the full interview.

On media:

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If media were to start talking about sustainability in business, and start talking about it as if it was a given, and asking “Why aren’t you?” as opposed to saying “is this really true” or “is this a fact,” you could begin to shift the dialogue to where businesses would not think about operating any other way.

On consumers:

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It’s not a one-way dialogue from brand to consumer anymore. It’s the consumer, with the new tools and the new transparency of the conversation, who determines who’s going to survive … They’re already asking, “Where do your products come from? Who’s growing them? How responsible are you functioning as a company?” If Wal-Mart’s feeling the pressure, why should anyone else be immune?