London mayor unveils comprehensive climate-change plan

London Mayor Ken Livingstone unveiled a Climate Change Action Plan yesterday in hopes of making the English capital the greenest city in the world. Under the scheme, London will switch 25 percent of its power supply to local generation, and businesses that invest in green technology will earn merit badges, Scout-style. The U.K. plans to cut carbon emissions 60 percent by 2050, but London’s leaders hope to achieve that goal within 20 years, and are setting aside $92.3 million in next year’s budget to do so. “This will make London the first city in the world to have a really comprehensive plan to cut its carbon emissions,” says the mayor’s climate-change adviser. Livingstone also appealed to the 7.5 million common folk, urging energy efficiency and introducing such cutting-edge ideas as discounts on insulation. “Londoners don’t have to reduce their quality of life to tackle climate change,” said the mayor, “but we do need to change the way we live.” Always with the crazy talk, that one.